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Pastor Elim Church Sternschanze

Ulf Bastian

Ulf Bastian, born 1975, grew up in the northern side of Hamburg. During his youth, he had little to do with faith, on the contrary. He was at home in the punk scene and his life was shaped by anarchy. At the end of 1997, his life took a tremendous turn when he found faith, hope and life in Jesus Christ.
Since 2011 he is an ordinated pastor. His hearts beats for people, for real and authentic faith and for practical charity. That’s why he founded the association Die Stadtinsel e.V., (“City Island”) in 2006, leading it as the chairman. Ulf is married and has 4 children. He founded Elim Sternschanze together with his wife Ute and an amazing team in April 2015.

Welcome to Church

Here YOU have the possibility to receive important information about the Elim Sternschanze and to contact us directly by e-mail.

We are looking forward to get to know YOU!


Welcome Hosts

Alex &

If YOU are new to Elim Sternschanze, we would like to get to know YOU and invite you to our next “Welcome to Church”-event!

Eine Gruppe für dich

Our small groups are a place where we can encourage one another to take our next step in our faith in order to become more like Jesus.
We are convinced that our small groups are the best place to get to know each other in a deeper way, to develop friendships, share our lives and celebrate good things in our lives.

Small group leaders

Jelena & Michael

“Our heart beats for people. For people to follow Jesus, to dive deeper into his word and to live out his word in our daily lives. We want people to have a place where they can be themselves, where they can find support in difficult times, where they can discover and act out their potentials. Small groups mean to live out what church means.”


The kid’s church is an exiting important and growing part of Elim Sternschanze. We celebrate together with our kids in three different age groups services that suit the kids’ age and where they get the chance to get to know Jesus. Our motto in the kid’s church is simpy “Have fun and encounter god”.

Discoverer (“Entdecker”)
age 1-4

Explorer (“Forscher”)
age 5-6

Adventurer (“Abenteurer”)
age 7-12

Leader Young Church - Elim Sternschanze

Ruth Garms

Elim Sternschanze became my home even before I started to work for the church. The people and the encounters with them are not only a part of my life, but they have become a part of my family. I am especially exited about the focus: To be the church for this city area Sternschanze and to be practically a part of the people’s life outside of our church. I believe we can offer a home for people in our area where they can find a family and encounter God.

Planet Jumper

If you are between 13 and 17 years old, we offer the best place in the world to you: our Planet Jumpers. We meet at 3pm every Sunday in the foyer of the Delphi Theater. Every other Sunday we visit the service together or do different activities together. Let yourself be surprised! Come as you are – we are looking forward to meet you!

Leader of Planet Jumpers

Michael Strube

„How much do I love to be together with young people! Together we grow in our faith, ask each other the most challenging and funny questions and also support each other in our everyday lives.”

Get involved:

God wants to build his church through us, and he has given different abilities to each one of us. Discover your gifts and participate. We can figure out together where you could participate and better serve the church community. If you are willing to support, please contact our pastor Pastor Ulf Bastian.


Everyone can contribute to the church whatever God puts on his or her heart. If you have any questions regarding the financing of Elim Sternschanze, please feel free to contact the office.

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